Our hybrid fleet.

We have an extensive selection of hybrid vehicles in our fleet, which use two motors in unison with each other; a battery powered electric motor and a petrol drive engine. Hybrid vehicles have multiple environmental advantages, including reducing emissions and lowering fuel consumption. These hybrid vehicles help to keep the air clean and reduce our carbon footprint.

GPS reduced mileage

When we allocate a booking to a driver, we ensure the booking is given to the driver that is closest to the pickup point, reducing excess mileage, which in turn reduces carbon emissions. Our booking system is designed to locate the most suited driver for the job. All of our vehicles are equipped with a Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) device, which is linked with our dispatch system enabling us to track our drivers.

Paperless invoicing

All of our invoices are e-mailed to our clients. We have stopped postal invoices for clients, as we believe the requirement for printed invoices is no longer required. We previously printed approximately 800 invoices per month, and we have dramatically reduced our use and waste of paper.

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